Jerusalem Declaration:

Statement in support of Israel from Mainline Protestant Churches residing in Europe, North America, and Africa repudiating "replacement theology." Click here to view documentation.

A Retrospective Look at the Messianic Movement:

Click here to view a paper presented at the Borough Park Symposium by Rabbi Chaim Urbach.

Our response to the happenings led by Ralph Messer of Simchat Torah Beit Midrash at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta - this Open Letter is signed by leading Messianic Jewish leaders and friends of the Messianic Jewish movement in the Greater Denver area.

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Open Letter to Ralph Messer by Denver area Messianic Leader
Denver Post Article - February 26, 2012
Ephraimite Error Position Paper - International Messianic Jewish Alliance
UMJC, MJAA respond to Messer video
'Rabbi' Messer Crowns Eddie Long King: A Messianic Response-Ron Cantor

One More Word on the Ralph Messer Fiasco-Stuart Dauermann

Jewish Rabbi Greg Hershberg calls Eddie Long Crowning an 'Abomination":