Making a donation to CYT via Paypal button below:

Shalom, and thank you for considering making a donation to CYT. If this is your first time utilizing this online feature, you will first be asked to set up a Paypal account if you do not already have one.  Also, your first donation will need to be via Credit/Debit card; thereafter you can use EFT from your bank.  The screen you see after you choose to donate will guide you through the process, including a dialogue section for designating where you want your donation to be credited, i.e., General Fund, Ts’daka, Women’s Ministries, Building Fund, Seminar, or Other (designate where).

Making a donation to CYT via Zelle:

You can donate through Zelle at

The people were filled with joy, because they had given willingly — wholeheartedly they had given willingly to Adonai; and David the king too was completely filled with joy, as he blessed Adonai before the entire community... 

1 Chronicles 29:9-10a