Chaim Urbach was born in Israel.  His parents accepted Yeshua as their Messiah when he was very young.  After spending his childhood in Israel, Chaim came to the United States in 1967, where he pursued an education in the biological sciences, obtaining an MA in Zoology from the University of Northern Colorado.  He worked in bio-medical research for a number of years, while active as a layman in Messianic ministry.

Chaim served as one of the founding elders of a local Messianic Jewish congregation, where he became an assistant pastor in 1987.  The following year, he coordinated a national Messianic Jewish conference.  He was ordained in 1990, and that same year led the formation of Congregation Yeshuat Tsion.  He received his theological training at Denver Seminary, graduating in 1991 with an MA in New Testament Studies.

Joy Urbach was raised in a Reformed Jewish home in St. Louis, Missouri. She received her teacher's training at Metropolitan State College (BA) and University of Northern Colorado (MA). Joy worked as an elementary teacher for the Denver Public Schools since 1976.

In 1981, Joy received Yeshua as her Messiah. She has been active in many phases of Messianic education, including writing a Children's Haggadah. She is also the Women's Ministry coordinator.

As he would like to say, Rabbi Chaim was "beamed up" to his heavenly home Friday, March 10th, 2023.  He will be forever remembered and loved by his mischpacha.  His wife Joy, daughter Hope and grandchildren Isaiah and Skylah, sister Nechama and her children Mordechai, Nathaniel and their spouses and children continue their journeys until they and our mischpacha are reunited with Chaim in eternal life.

We thank almighty God for Chaim's wonderful life and the immense blessing of knowing him in our own lives.

Please click Memories_of_Chaim_Bruce_Greenspan.pdf  to read a special letter in Chaim's honor.