Denver Seminary

  • MDiv with a concentration in Messianic Judaism
  • Certificate in Messianic Judaism

In harmony with its emphases on globalization, diversity, intercultural leadership, and contextualized ministry, Denver Seminary is initiating a partnership with the Messianic Jewish community and developing a new and exciting academic program that will serve to equip both Messianic and Protestant leaders in their service for the Kingdom of G-d.

At Denver Seminary, this particular degree falls under the umbrella of the Division of Biblical Studies.

Courses in Messianic Judaism are designed to:

  • Train leaders for service in the Jewish community.
  • Educate current and future Protestant leaders in Messianic Judaism issues and in the Jewish background of Christianity.
  • Encourage an active partnership between the Messianic and Protestant communities in their service for the kingdom of G-d.
  • Foster an atmosphere of globalization and diversity at Denver Seminary.
  • Provide a sound academic environment where students can establish a solid theological and biblical foundation for ministry to Jews and Gentiles.