Eime Ministry - Jerusalem, Israel


Eime ministry is based in Christ's Church near Jaffa Gate in the old city of Jerusalem.  They work with Jews and Gentiles teaching them the Word of G-d.

Operation Ezekiel - Los Angeles, CA

Operation Ezekiel is an evengelistic ministry based in greater Los Angeles that reaches out to the Jewish community.  It also educates and equips the contemporary Church for living in these postmodern times.

Tents of Mercy - Haifa, Israel


Tents of Mercy is a network of five Russian-speaking Messianic Jewish congregations headquartered in the Haifa bay area of Israel.  Their main focus is assisting the thousands of new Russian Jewish immigrants adapt to life in Israel -- and through this spread the truth of Yeshua.

Operation Rescue - Belarus/Poland/Ukraine

Operation Rescue, a ministry based in Poland, is reaching and serving the Jewish poor, elderly, and indigent young families in Eastern Europe with food, clothing, medicines, and the truth about their Messiah Yeshuah.  They also assist with immigration services to Israel.