Shalom, and thank you for considering making a donation to CYT via Paypal.  If this is your first time utilizing this online feature, you will first be asked to set up a Paypal account if you do not already have one.  Also, your first donation will need to be via Credit/Debit card; thereafter you can use EFT from your bank.  The screen you see after you choose to donate will guide you through the process, including a dialogue section for designating where you want your donation to be credited, i.e., General Fund, Ts’daka, Women’s Ministries, Building Fund, Seminar, or Other (designate where).

The people were filled with joy, because they had given willingly — wholeheartedly they had given willingly to Adonai; and David the king too was completely filled with joy, as he blessed Adonai before the entire community... 1 Chronicles 29:9-10a